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Liturgy and Prayer

Liturgy & Prayer occurs daily and this takes many forms at St Wilfrid’s School. 

• Monday – Gospel Liturgy 

• Tuesday –Hymn Practice

• Wednesday – Mass

• Thursday– Liturgy & Prayer in class

• Friday – Celebration Assembly, celebrating our gifts from God

At St Wilfrid's, Liturgy & Prayer engage all pupils' interest and inspire in them deep thought and a heartfelt response.

We are very proud of our children - it is not only the adults in our school who  prepare and lead Collective Worship, they do too - even if it's giving a helping hand. They do this capably, whole heartedly and with enthusiasm from a very young age. from choosing artefacts, cloths and music, to taking full responsibility for the whole experience.

Each classroom has a specific area devoted to RE :  this area forms a focal point for prayer and display, pertinent to their class.

Pupils act with maturity and respectfully. They know that this is a special time that is put aside to allow everyone some time to talk to God in their own way.

Children take a lead role in the preparation for Mass, organising music, reading  and writing bidding prayers

We use many different types of Liturgy and Prayer drawn from One Life Music live streaming and retreats, Loyola 3 Minute Retreats, meditation, presentations , and so on.