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Religious Education

At St Wilfrid's, we include our faith values and beliefs in all aspects of school life - we use Christ’s teaching to help us to understand our world and how it affects daily life and all of our relationships whether these be at school or at home. We enable the children to learn to respect God, the environment, each other and the views of others.

We  enable the development of religiously literate young people who are given the opportunity to learn about religion, to learn from religion and who have the opportunity for reflection and contemplation. We  provide these opportunities through a variety of ways from lessons within the classroom to planned and unplanned opportunities for interaction with others in the immediate, local and wider community.

Planning for R – Y6 is based upon the ' Learning and Growing as the People of God' Diocesan Scheme. In learning to become citizens who show respect for cultures and faiths other than their own, our pupils also study other cultures and other world faiths. Y1 visit the Jewish Synagogue,  Y2 visit the Buddhist Temple,  Y3 visit the Hindu Temple,  Y4 visit the Islamic Exhibition , Y5 visit the Sikh Gurdwara  and Y6 visit the Islamic Mosque  These are highly valuable and highly valued experiences.

Nursery children are taught according to the Early Years Foundation Curriculum document, using the ‘Learning and Growing as the People of God’ scheme as an additional resource.