Blunderbus Theatre Company

8th December 2016

Blunderbus Theatre Company

Blunderbus Theatre visited Foundation Stage on Thursday 8th December 2016 to perform the story: ‘Santa’s Little Helper.’

The story was about Albert Tuttle who was nearly 7 year old…far too old to believe in Santa and who had no Christmas spirit whatsoever!! Albert had thought: “How does a big fat man wearing bright red pyjamas fit down the chimney anyway?” But Albert was in for a big surprise…. For as he slept on Christmas Eve, a big fat man wearing red pyjamas tumbled down his chimney like a roly poly pudding!! It was Santa and he had come for Albert’s help! Santa wanted Albert to deliver three parcels to some difficult customers for him. As Albert embarked upon his journey delivering the parcels and meeting some awkward characters, Albert soon changed his mind about Santa and got into the spirit of Christmas.

The production of 'I’ve seen Santa’ was thoroughly enjoyed not only by all the children but by the staff too. Blunderbus welcomed the children at the start of the show and got to know the children and their names so that they could incorporate them in the show. Similarly staff were involved too…..Mrs Ward as the Norwegian Spruce and Mrs Peplow was enlisted by Albert to help him to give a Christmas present to an awkward customer!

Thank you Blunderbus for such an entertaining and enjoyable afternoon!

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