Year 1 Safer Internet Day

7th February 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017

Today, Year 1 spent the afternoon learning about how to stay safe online. We began by watching a short video all about the “Power of Image” and what pictures can tell really us, without us knowing... the hidden clues.

We then looked at various images and thought about what we know from just looking at them. For example- children wearing a school uniform can tell us what school they go to or that we can see people’s door numbers and so work out where they live from looking at other pictures.  

We then went on to discuss our “personal information”- the information that is private and personal to us. We shared with each other our names, family, favourite colour, school, and address and explored how we need to be careful what information is posted online, to make sure that we are kept safe!

To finish off our lesson we then completed “all about me” posters which included all of our personal information.

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