16th May 2016


On 16th May 2016, the children in Year 6 made a special Sacrament: Confirmation. Confirmation is when a Year 6 child renews his/her baptismal promises that their parents or godparents made for them when they made their baptism. This is when we become a full member of the church. 

During Confirmation, the children and their sponsor walk up to the bishop and kneel down in front of him. Their sponsor puts his/her hand on the child making their Confirmation and they told the priest the saint name the child has chosen. This is a next step for the children their journey of faith. After they children have had their special moment the mass carries on as normal.

Our celebrant was Bishop Robert Byrne and he came to visit us in the morning to talk to us about Confirmation and why we were choosing to make this step. We talked about how we received the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit at Baptism and how we can use them everyday.

Each child had to pick a saint name including St. Patrick, St. George, St. Vitus. I’ve chosen St. Catherine of Siena because when she saw a vision she started to help others in need and helps the poor and that makes me want to go out and be like her helping others that need our help. She said, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”


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