Rights Respecting Schools Award

25th April 2016

 St Wilfrid’s RRSA Steering Group

The RRSA steering group is a group of pupils, staff and governors who are trying to put the United Nations convention on the rights of a child at the heart of our schools ethos.

We aim to follow the rights of a child and to try and fulfil them every day. Some of the key rights for a child are: the right to an education, the right to a healthy life, the right to be safe and the right to be the best you can.

We are trying to achieve the rights respecting school that is run by UNICEF to try and get schools all over England to acknowledge and fulfil the rights of a child so we can have the rights that we are supposed to have to give us a good life.

In year 6 we focused on what our rights our and how it would feel if they were taken away from us.

The steering group have presented an assembly on this and it has informed the whole school about this and what they could do to help and after this many more pupils have wanted to join and try and make a bigger difference.

Jack Y6

T. 0121 675 3319 E. enquiry@stwilfrd.bham.sch.uk