Anti-Bullying Week

16th November 2018

Anti-Bullying Week

In class the children have been learning all about friendships and what bullying is. The children understand that bullying is an unkind act that happens on a regular basis.

At St Wilfrid’s we are a telling school and the children know to always tell an adult if they feel sad about something or if someone has been unkind to them. We are always trying to be kind friends and to be loving and compassionate through our actions.

According to the children’s rights, every child has the right to say what they think, but we need to remember that our words can be hurtful and we want everybody to be happy in our school as we are trying to lead our lives in the eyes of Christ. 

 We have also taken the opportunity to review our anti-bullying policy and have also created a 'Child Friendly' version using 'STOP'.

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