Catholic Social Teachings

As a Catholic School, everything that we do is based upon what we are taught from Catholic Teachings. We find these in the Bible, letters and messages  from the Archbishop, letters and messages from the Pope, the Catechism - all sorts of places. What we do isn't just because it feels like 'the right thing to do', we do it because it is what we are taught by our Catholic faith,
Watch the short clip below and then read on to find out how we are using Catholic Social Teachings to guide us at school. Keep your eye on Twitter and on the school newsletter aw well for what we are up to!
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              AUTUMN 1 : STEWARDS of CREATION 

Genesis:  God created the earth and then put human beings there to  care for the earth. 

Sometimes, we do a good job of this, and sometimes we don't. 

Pope Francis  named the time from September to the feast of St Francis of Assisi, 2021, as the Season of Creation. 

 During the Season of Creation, we carried out two weeks of learning and action all about caring for the environment  - for God’s beautiful creation. We teamed up with the family of schools that creates Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Multi Academy Company (MAC) and Columban Missionaries Britain, because together we are stronger, ‘Stronger in Faith’.

We wrote to our local MPs, we sent out tweets, leaflets and messages, we took part in a peaceful protest and spoke to the Lord Mayor or Birmingham and MP for Climate Change, we prayed to God for strength to make a difference. 

 Each class pledged to take on an extra job in order to become STEWARDS OF CREATION! We even , now, have an 'Eco Team'. See our 'Gallery' on this page for an update on their actions. 

Pope Francis said, 
'The Church is ... a community of God's people, and priests, pastors and bishops, who have the care of souls, are at the service of the people of God.'
We have tried hard, during Autumn 2 to think about how we should care for those in our close and extended Family and Community. 
We have:
  • Found out about and sent money to help Children in Need
  • Bought toys for children at Birmingham Children's Hospital by holding a pay a pound Christmas Jumper Day
  • Year 6 have decorated The Pantry food bank to make it a welcoming place for the local community to come for help...and they plan to do a lot more!
  • Tried extra hard to be a Advent Angel to somebody who needs our help in the community or in our family
‘God’s gifts are given to be shared’ 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
Children found  out about those in the world who need our support - those have a right to benefit from the gifts or God and we have a responsibility to share these with them. Children  researched those in the community - near or far - who need our help and planned their Lenten 'Act of Service' that took place, during Lent. 


'Being faithful to God means taking the risk of setting aside one's own needs and plans in order to serve others' - Pope Francis

During Lent we all chose a groups who needed our help - those who were vulnerable in some way, in our society.  

We thoroughly enjoyed supporting Priestley Rose Care Home, Make a Wish Foundation, Heartlands Hospital , Lets Feed Brum, Caflo Food Bank, the local community environment and The Pantry Food Bank

Talk to your children about jobs that you do - do you go out to work? Are you a bust parents at home? How does what you do help others?
This is what our children will be investigating this half term. 
God called everyone to do a special job and every single job that we work at is valuable to those in His creation.
'It is work that gives dignity' - Pope Francis