Collective Worship

Collective Worship occurs daily and this takes many forms at St Wilfrid’s School. During Covid 19, the timetable is slightly different. All Collective Worship is in individual classrooms
• Monday – Gospel Liturgy Hymn Practice / Virtual Gospel Liturgy
• Tuesday – KS2 Assembly / Reception and KS1 Collective worship in class/Class Collective Worship
• Wednesday – KS1 and Reception Assembly / KS2 Collective worship in class/Virtual Celebration Assembly
• Thursday– Whole School Celebration Assembly/ Virtual Mass
• Friday – R-Y6 Mass in the school hall, to which we welcome the parish and parents/
Class Collective Worship
At St Wilfrid's, acts of worship engage all pupils' interest and inspire in them deep thought and a heartfelt response.
We are very proud of our children - it is not only the adults in our school who  prepare and lead Collective Worship, they do too. They do this capably, whole heartedly and with enthusiasm from a very young age. from choosing artefacts, cloths and music, to taking full responsibility for the whole experience.
Each classroom has a specific area devoted to RE :  this area forms a focal point for prayer and display, pertinent to their class.
Pupils act with maturity and respectfully. They know that this is a special time that is put aside to allow everyone some time to talk to God in their own way.
Children take a lead role in the preparation for Mass, organising music, reading  and writing bidding prayers