Evolve is a social enterprise that develops grassroots solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing society today. Evolve is the organisation that introduced Health Mentors to the UK education sector as an upstream and preventative programme that reduces the pressure on public services including the NHS, Youth Justice and the Department for Work and Pensions. It has 3 main programmes LEAP, XLR8 and Project HE:RO.

Project HE:RO (Health Engagement: Real Outcomes) is Evolve’s multi-award winning programme for primary schools that addresses a number of key issues faced by children growing up society today including physical inactivity, poor mental health, low aspirations, declining personal skills and obesity. Project HE:RO supports pupils, teachers, parents and schools by deploying Evolve’s highly trained Health Mentor workforce that empowers children to deal with these challenges, thereby preparing them for learning and life.

Evolve, with their Health Mentor Mr Francis, are currently delivering their Project HE:RO programme at St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School and have been since 2014. Mr Francis said he wanted to become a Health Mentor because “I am individual who has a passion for improving the lives of children which is why a large portion of my career development has been working in school with young children. I believe that bettering children’s lives through sport and fitness plays a key role especially considering the modern day child obesity pandemic. I believe in breaking down barriers and working on children expressing themselves and improving confidence through good mentoring and active physical engagement.

If you aren’t sure who he is you can normally find him in some sort of sporting attire, on the playground or in the hall. Be sure to find him, speak to him and set him a sporting challenge to see if you can beat him.

T. 0121 675 3319 E. enquiry@stwilfrd.bham.sch.uk