Family Support at St Wilfrid's

Family Support at St. Wilfrid's
As a school, we recognise the need to support all parents and carers, so that they are in the best possible position to help their children engage with their learning. With this in mind, we have assembled a team of professionals who are available to speak to and support parents, where issues arise.

Ms T. Cropper

Family Support Worker

With a motivational, persistent and challenging approach to support families using Early Help Assessment (EHA) and Our Family Plan (OFP), I work together with school and families with agreed actions to improve school attendance and family life, enabling children to develop and achieve their full potential, both socially and academically.
In my role I do home visits, support parents with behaviour management strategies - boundaries, routines, rewards, application for household needs (white goods), liaise with social workers, housing and CME and meet with parents in school as and when needed.

I am also involved with coffee mornings where we enjoy meeting parents to discuss issues which are often things that are faced by many in today's society. Everyone is welcome to drop in for a chat. Look out for the next one to be held at St Wilfrid's.

Mr L. Francis

Health Mentor

I wanted to become a Health Mentor because I am an individual who has a passion for improving the lives of children which is why a large portion of my career development has been working in school with young children. I believe that bettering children’s lives through sport and fitness plays a key role especially considering the modern day child obesity pandemic. I believe in breaking down barriers and working on children expressing themselves and improving confidence through good mentoring and active physical engagement.

I work with whole classes, small groups and students on a 1:1 basis as the need arises. I'm loving working with a small group in Maths at the moment or pupils can usually find me in the PE Hub if they just want a chat about how they are feeling or how their day is going.

Mr R. Aymer

Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

Helping children to reach their full potential is dependant on a number of factors from within and outside of school.
As well as what happens in the school environment, it requires an understanding of issues outside of school which may affect a child's mood, behaviour, and/or attendance as well as their academic performance.

We arrange coffee mornings where we invite parents to share concerns and raise issues, which they believe are affecting their children's learning and we use this forum, alongside our newsletter and other means of communication to create a dialogue and keep parents informed.

My role involves: -
1- listening to children and supporting them to manage their feelings and behaviour in healthy and appropriate ways.
2- helping school staff recognise and understand when children are experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties, and providing consultation, assessment, and interventions.

These are all parts of our efforts to support children and their families so that they can reach their potential and fully engage with their learning and education.

Ms M. Stephens

School Attendance Officer

I monitor all pupils attendance. If there are any attendance issues or concerns, I invite parent or carers in to see me to try and resolve the attendance issues and concerns.

I can provide support for parents regarding any attendance issues. If attendance does not improve and parents do not engage which enables their child to attend school on a regular basis, paperwork is prepared and notifications are sent to parents. The local authority may issue a penalty notice.