Gospel Values

As part of the Catholic Community, here at St Wilfrid’s, we follow the teachings of the Gospel. We listen to the God who speaks to us, providing us with Catholic Social Teachings, through scripture, our Pope, the clergy and others committed to our faith and other hold documents Working in partnership with our families and parish, we strive to live together inside of school and outside of it too, as a loving community, interacting with others by following the example of our faith.
Each half term, using the Catholic Schools' Pupil Profile,  we focus on a new Value and Virtue, learning about what they mean in our everyday lives and trying to demonstrate them.
Together, we are growing to be more Grateful and Generous, Attentive and Discerning, Compassionate and Loving, Faith- filled and Hopeful, Eloquent and Truthful, Learned and Wise, Curious and Active, Intentional and Prophetic. Click on 'Catholic Schools' Pupil Profile to find out what our focus is for this half term.
In doing this, we embrace and champion the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and love of those of different faiths and beliefs. Click on British Values to find out more.
As part of our commitment to living out the Gospel Values , we undertake services to those in need , whether this be fundraising , lending a listening ear, carrying out a good deed or two . At set points during the year, we choose charities and those in need whom we would like to support we ask for you to help us to do so. 
Integrated into our life here are Catholic Social Teachings , where we consider ourselves as champions of God's Word, we are a body who works in Solidarity for the Common Good, we are Stewards of Creation, we are embracing of Family and Community, we are providers of Options for the Poor and Vulnerable, we are in recognition of The Dignity of Work, we are embracing of the Rights  and our Responsibilities and embracing of The Dignity of the Human Person 
Whatever your faith, as part of our community, you are more than welcome here ; we believe there are values we share and these are our motto and this is our MISSION : Love,Care,Share and Respect