Home-School Partnership

Home/School Partnership

Central to the success of the each child’s education is the partnership between home and school. The school has a clear home/school agreement that details our commitment to the partnership and our expectations of parents and pupils. We expect all members of our community to participate fully in this partnership which is based on respect, good communication and commitment. All new families to our school community will be given a copy of the home/school agreement to sign.

Holidays in Term time

 Parents are requested not to take their children on holiday during term time. Schools are quite within their rights to say ‘holidays in school term time are not allowed’. Requests for time off from school may be made prior to booking a holiday, however this permission will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. Check school holiday dates and please try to plan holidays that do not involve taking your child out of school during term time. When this is unavoidable a form should be obtained from the school office requesting permission from the Head Teacher.

 Parent Teacher Consultation/Targets and Reports

 In the Autumn and Spring Terms, Nursery and Reception Class Staff will have ‘conferences’ to discuss your child’s achievements and learning in the seven areas of learning and development and Early Learning Goals. Agreement will be reached on areas to target.

In Year 1 to Year 6 Parent Consultation appointments will be made to discuss your child’s progress. Targets are discussed and agreed. Your child will also be made aware of them in order to make progress.

A written report is given for all our children from Nursery to Year 6. You may discuss the report with the Class Teacher. Both your views and those of your child, concerning important areas will be sought about his/her attainment and what to target in the future.