Proposed Academisation of Catholic Schools in the Birmingham Archdiocese

28th June 2019

28thJune, 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians


Proposed Academisation of Catholic schools in the Birmingham Archdiocese

The Trustees of the Archdiocese have requested that all schools under the Diocesan Trust Deed work towards becoming 'academy ready.' This means that the Archdiocese sees the long term future of its schools as forming and being part of a multi academy company with other Catholic schools in their local area."

The Governing Bodies of our local Catholic schools have been discussing working together in the future within a Birmingham Archdiocesan academy structure. Such an arrangement is known as a Multi-Academy Company (MAC).

We are proposing to convert to academy status in 2020 and form a multi-academy company which will be known as ‘Our Lady and All Saints Multi-Academy Company’. This decision is based on our aim to achieve the best for our schools, pupils, staff and Catholic communities. 

As part of the process of applying to become an academy, we have committed to full consultation with all stakeholders (including parents and parishioners) in order to take their views into account regarding the changes ahead.

We are consulting with all stakeholders from 16th September 2019 to 14th October 2019. In advance of this consultation, you will receive an information leaflet, which will contain frequently asked questions to support your understanding of the process. In the meantime, further information can be found on the Diocesan website with the following link


The following schools are part of the proposal to become members of Our Lady and All Saints MAC

-      Guardian Angels Catholic Primary, Birmingham

-      Our Lady’s Catholic Primary, Birmingham

-      Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary, Solihull

-      Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic Primary, Solihull

-      St Andrew’s Catholic Primary, Solihull

-      St Anne’s Catholic Primary, Solihull

-      St Anthony’s Catholic Primary, Solihull

-      St Augustine’s Catholic Primary, Solihull

-      St Edward’s Catholic Primary, Warwickshire

-      St George & St Teresa’s Catholic Primary, Solihull

-      St John the Baptist Catholic Primary, Solihull

-      St Peter’s Catholic Secondary, Solihull 

-      St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary, Birmingham

Dates and times for the consultation event that will be held at your school will be shared with you in September. 


Kind regards

Mrs J Fiorletta                                      Mr R Baker

Chair of Governors                                   Head Teacher