Pastoral Team

Mr C. Gordon

Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

My role involves: -
1- listening to children and supporting them to manage their feelings and behaviour in healthy and appropriate ways.
2- helping school staff recognise and understand when children are experiencing emotional and mental health difficulties, and providing consultation, assessment, and interventions

Mrs T. Cropper

Family Support Worker

With a motivational, persistent and challenging approach to support families using Early Help Assessment (EHA) and Our Family Plan (OFP), I work together with school and families with agreed actions to improve school attendance and family life, enabling children to develop and achieve their full potential, both socially and academically.

Miss M. Stephens

School Attendance Officer

I monitor all pupils attendance. If there are any attendance issues or concerns, I invite parent or carers in to see me to try and resolve the attendance issues and concerns.

I can provide support for parents regarding any attendance issues. If attendance does not improve and parents do not engage which enables their child to attend school on a regular basis, paperwork is prepared and notifications are sent to parents. The local authority may issue a penalty notice.

Mrs S. Whittingham

Pastoral Manager

For all things pastoral, I may be your first port of call. If your concern is about your child, please speak to their class teacher first. Whilst they are usually able to put something in place for support, they may work in collaboration with me if there is a need for further support. If your worry is about you or your family, or difficulties at home in general, speak directly to me. I am n school every day, and can either be found on the school gate in the morning or in school - ask at the office or give me a call on the school number and I will be able to get back to you at my first available opportunity. .

I am also one of our school Designated Safeguarding Leads, so can be your first port of call for any safeguarding concerns and may also be in touch with you regarding any safeguarding issues.

We also have a Mental Health Team comprising two teachers and two TAs : Mrs Gregory, Mr Perry, and Miss Donald.
Every single member of staff at St Wilfrid's is committed to supporting the mental health of our children, but, working together, this team are a dedicated group of trained professionals who are an extra port of call for children who feel they need some support, advice, time or space to help them to manage their emotions. The team are able to provide activities for children including workshops, meditation, team building activities and discussion opportunities to cater for individuals of groups who feel , themselves, that they would benefit, or who are signposted by other members of staff or parents/guardians. 'Wellbeing Wednesdays' are an excellent way for children to pop into the team and spend some time in conversation. 
This team do not replace other external organisations, or those needing support from Mr Gordon, our Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner, but are an 'on-hand' team and are a good 'first step' for children.