School Uniform

We are proud of our uniform and expect all children to wear it with pride.

All of the uniform must be labelled with your child’s name.

Winter Uniform

Boys                                                 Girls

Grey trousers                                 Grey skirt, pinafore or grey trousers

White shirt                                     White blouse

St Wilfrid’s blue school jumper*      St Wilfrid’s blue school cardigan/jumper*

School tie**                                    School tie**

Grey socks                                      White/grey socks or tights


Summer Uniform

Boys                                                 Girls

Grey trousers/shorts                       A blue and white gingham

White long or short                          dress or a grey skirt and

sleeved shirt                                     with school white polo shirt

tie or a white polo shirt                    Grey trousers/shorts

                                                         White long or short

                                                         sleeved shirt with school

                                                         tie or a white polo shirt.

St Wilfrid’s blue school                    St Wilfrid’s blue school jumper or

jumper.*                                           cardigan*


*can purchased from www.myclothing.com

** can purchased from the school office


Footwear for Boys and Girls:  

Black sensible shoes. Trainers are not allowed.

Please avoid high heels or open toed shoes for health and safety reasons.

It would greatly benefit your child if, in Reception class, he/she have shoes that have Velcro fasteners until he/she can do up their own laces and buckles.


Also available from www.myclothing.com, are waterproof, fleece lined jackets, with the school logo on.

P.E Kit

For both Boys and Girls:

Plain black or navy shorts

A St Wilfrid’s pale blue polo shirt with school emblem*

Black plimsolls (pull on for Reception and Key Stage 1)

Trainers may be worn for outdoor P.E only.

Please put the P.E. kit in P.E. bag and ensure it is in school every day.

*to be purchased from www.myclothimg.com