Year 2


Year 2

Ms Brown, Mrs Galvin, Mrs Stibbs, Mrs Puri, Miss Aspley and Miss Bebbington are all looking forward to an exciting year, with lots of exciting learning and challenges ahead. 
In Year 2, you will be encouraged to become more independent in your learning and take on more responsibilities as you are now at the top of KS1. 


Year 2 Learning

This year we will be covering a range of exciting topics.

In Maths, you will be gaining a deeper understanding of place value, using this to solve number problems with a focus on the four operations. We will also be looking at shapes, money and time. 
In the summer term, the children will be sitting their KS1 SATS papers which we help prepare them for within school. We encourage the children to always prove their answer by drawing a pictorial representation. 

In English, you will be exploring some exciting stories and using these as a theme for your writing. James and the Giant peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie Small in Gorilla City will be shared with you. You will be encouraged to be imaginative,  use a wider range of exciting vocabulary and write longer pieces. Among other things, you will be writing letters, character descriptions, a fairy-tale with a twist, an explanation text and instructions.

In R.E, you will look carefully at people who have special relationships with God, like Jonah and Noah. You will learn more about the Sacraments and the symbols associated with church. You will enjoy writing your own psalms, learning new songs and creating your own prayers.

In Science, you will learn about animals and their habitats, how animals including humans change as they grow, as well as everyday materials and their uses. You will also develop your skills of working scientifically , as you learn how science can be approached in lots of different ways and will be given opportunities to try creating and answering your own questions in a scientific way.


Year 2 Topics

Autumn term - Map Masters
You will explore globes, maps and keys. Throughout this topic, you will learn about continents and the UK, create your own map using a key and write directions.

                         Earth Art - Delve into nature as you use a range of natural resources to produce a series of pieces of art work. 

Spring term - The Great Fire of London
Come with us on an adventure to find out all about the Great Fire? When did it happen? Who was responsible? How did it start?
You will be examining a selection of historical sources to find out about this event which happened many years ago.

               D & T - Fire engines  You will design and create a moving vehicle – a fire engine linking with our history unit - using axles and a range of design criteria to develop and create a finished product.

Summer term - Explorers 
Make sure your traveller’s bag is packed because you will be journeying with us around the world to learn about great explorers and adventurers.

                    Food Technology - Investigate and research what a polar explorer needs to eat to survive in the harsh polar regions of the world. Design and make a snack bar that would help them maintain energy during their adventures.

            Arctic Art - We will look at and create our own work based on a range of art work produced by artists that have looked to the frozen North for their inspiration.