Year 3 Stone Age day

24th September 2018

On Monday 24th September 2018, Year 3 had the amazing opportunity to experience life during the Stone Age as an introduction to our topic. The children got to take part in a variety of activities including excavating for Stone Age artefacts, putting together a timeline of events, pottery making, jewellery making and weaving clothes. It was a fantastic and insightful day for all of Year 3. 

A recount by Jakub Year 3

On Monday 24thSeptember 2018, Year 3 had a fantastic Stone Age Day! We dressed up as Stone Age children and a historian came to St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School with lots of activities to help us learn about the Stone Age. 

Firstly, 3B gathered in the big hall with 3M. We met a historian called Ian and he was very interesting. He set out a timeline and told us dozens of things. 

Secondly, we excavated in the sand with Ian where we found lots of bones and stones from the Stone Age and presented them as a museum. Then, we had break time.

Next, we went into 3M where we did a difficult activity with the teachers. It was putting together broken pieces of pottery that made a bowl. 

Then, we went in for dinner and in the playground we played as cavemen. 

After that, we came into the classroom and learnt all about the first pottery in Britain with Ian. Then, he gave us some clay to make our own pots and sticks to decorate it with. All you had to do was put your thumb in into the clay and with your other fingers on the same hand, squeeze the clay against your fingers and it will start to form a bowl. This was the highlight of my day! 

Then, we made some Stone Age jewellery, spear heads and weaved clothes. Everything was fantastic.

Finally, we gathered in the small hall and ask Ian some very interesting questions for Ian to answer. Their questions and answers were amazing.