Year 4

Year 4 Class Page

Mrs Peplow, Mrs Bishop and Mrs Filipiuk look forward to a busy and exciting year with lots of learning and challenges to come.

Year 4 Learning

This year we will be covering a range of exciting topics.

In Maths, we will start the year off by building on prior learning from Year 3 in place value. This then forms the basis of solving problems of the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We also cover length and area, fractions, properties of shapes, decimals and time. In all of these units we will be encouraging children to be independent learners and deepen their problem-solving skills.

In the Summer Term children will be undertake an online formal test of multiplication skills. This test is undertaken by all Year 4 Pupils across England.

In English, we look at lots of different genres of writing. We look at non-chronological reports, poetry, writing instructions, newspaper recounts, autobiographies, myths and legends and narrative fantasy story writing. To help us do this, we will be studying some exciting texts such as ‘Horrid Henry’, ‘Escape from Pompeii’ and ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

In R.E, during the year you will develop and deepen your own understanding of learning and growing as the people of God. You will start the year off by looking in detail at the Old Testament stories and become familiar with well-known characters in the stories. You will learn about the importance of prayer and how Jesus prayed. You will learn about Moses and God’s relationship with the people of Israel. You will also develop your knowledge of the Church.

In Science, you will learn about electricity and have fun making circuits, how to make observations to classify leaves, learn about vertebrates and invertebrates, look at the properties of solids, gases and liquids, find out how sounds are made and heard and learn to describe the parts and functions of the digestive system including teeth. Throughout the year, you will develop your skills of working scientifically and will have opportunities to create and answer your own questions in a scientific way.

In Art, you will develop your drawing skills and look at the work of Escher. You will have great fun and experiment will different textures and effects to create volcanoes and look at the work of Edward Munich. At the end of the year, you will thoroughly enjoy getting messy with Papier Mache to make a Greek mask.

In Music, children will listen to music and comment on pulse, pitch and rhythm. They will appraise and learn ‘Mamma Mia’ - the classic 1970’s song by Abba and also study Lean on Me by the Gospel/soul artist Bill Withers.


In PE, you will learn dance, develop your skills of net/ball games and develop your tactical skills when playing invasive games.

In Computing, you will use spreadsheet software, learn how to make videos, use programming to create quizzes and games and learn about data handling.


In MFL (Spanish), you will learn to communicate basic information in Spanish and hold a simple conversation with another person.


In PHSE, you will learn about building friendships, look at diversity and value differences, learn about internet safety and how to keep yourself safe, learn about rights and responsibilities, understand how to be at our best with living healthy lifestyles and how we grow and change.


Year 4 Topics:

Autumn term – The Romans.

In History and Geography, you will name and locate some of the countries in Europe and their capital cities that the Roman army conquered, place dates on a time line and look into Roman life where you

will gain an understanding of Gladiators, the Roman Army, become familiar with Roman inventions and what life was like in Rome.


Spring term – Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

In Geography, we will study key aspects of volcanoes and earthquakes, name and locate countries with their key topographical features, use maps and atlases to locate countries and describe features studied.


Summer term – Ancient Greece.

In History and Geography, you will learn about what it was like to live in Ancient Greece, will learn about Greek achievements and influence that the Greeks had on the Western World. You will look at the difference between climate and weather and understand climate zones.


For those of you who already have children who attend our school, please find more detail on our class page on Eschools.