Ofsted Inspection March 2024
St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School underwent a section 8 inspection on 12th and 13th March 2024 led by Kirsty Faulks HMI and her team and graded the school to be GOOD in all areas.
Highlights include: St
  • Wilfrid's is a school where warmth, care, respect and learning all go hand in hand.
  • Pupils show consideration for each other.
  • The school's cultural diversity forms the backdrop to pupils learning about a range of faiths and ways of life . These weave together so that pupils see each other as equal and united in rights and values.
  • The school has high expectations of pupils behaviour and learning.
  • Pupils feel safe and settled and enjoy their learning.
  • Pupils demonstrate a strong sense of service to others.They enjoy voting to choose which charities to support. Mini missions, the Children s Charter and participating in trust wide events further support pupils wider development.
  • The school listens to the voice of pupil s and they feel heard.