Online Learning during Lockdown Spring 2021

12th January 2021

Strategy for home learning relating to Covid-19

The expectations for school, as set out by the DfE and OFSTED, is that there should be available high-quality online provision for children who are learning at home. Findings laid out in Ofsted guidance ‘What’s working well in remote education’ (Jan 11th 2020) identifies that ‘The aim of education is to deliver a high-quality curriculum so that pupils know more and remember more. Therefore, in order to do this, we will use a blend of approaches that suit our children.  The expectation is that this provision should match the curriculum content in school as closely as possible. We will ensure our children still have access to a broad and balanced curriculum whilst at home. 

Resources will be provided to mirror the school day, to ensure the children have meaningful and ambitious work each day in several subjects. 

We know that you will support us at home with this learning to ensure that your child is able to continue to access the curriculum alongside their peers. Please inform us if you do not have internet access or access to a device such as a computer, tablet or similar.